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Financing Solutions in one TAP!

Innovative Bespoke Solutions For Your Business

Go lean, go agile: Convert Capex to Opex with Asset Leasing
Ensure financial agility in your business by freeing up capital stuck in fixed assets and converting it into monthly recurring rental payments.
Efficient Capex Management
Enhanced Cash Flow
Extended Cash Runway
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Get tomorrow's payments today through Invoice Discounting
Accelerate your cash flow with invoice discounting: swift access to working capital from unpaid invoices, enhancing liquidity.
Operational Efficiency
Enhanced Credit Management
Liquidity and Financial Stability
Strengthen Foundations, Expand Horizons: Anchor-Based Financing
Fortify supplier ties and alleviate their capital constraints, fostering a collaborative business environment.
Streamlined Vendor Payments
Optimized Cash Management
Enhanced Working Capital
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How Tap Capital Makes it Happen

Identify Business Needs

Our experienced investment team meets you and understands your financing needs.

Risk Committee Approval

Our risk committee assesses your business and facilitates asset leasing or invoice discounting depending on your requirement

Deal closure

We list your deal on our tech platform where investors can lease your assets or discount your invoices

Introduce businesses to Tap Capital, help them grow and let the good times—and rewards—roll.

Refer a Company (Startups/SMEs)

Company is onboarded on the platform

You Earn ₹5000

Tap Capital
Tap Rewards.

Let's empower your funding journey
Our fast, hassle-free tech enabled team will help you raise you debt in a jiffy.

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