Frequently Asked Questions

What Tenure Does Tap Capital Offer for Its Financial Products?

Our terms are designed to accommodate your business cycle. For Invoice Discounting, we offer up to 90 days, and for Asset Leasing, the tenure extends up to 24 months. We also consider tenure extensions on a case-by-case basis to align with your strategic needs.

What is the Range of Debt Tap Capital Provides?

We understand the diverse needs of businesses. That's why our initial debt offering ranges from 5L to 2-3Cr, with the flexibility to adjust limits based on timely business unit economics and evaluation.

What’s the Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Debt from Tap Capital?

Startups: We look for startups with a minimum of $2.5M in funding from Tier 1 VC firms and a runway of at least 12 months. Bootstrapped/SMEs: We cater to Pvt Ltd and LLP registered companies with a minimum annual revenue of 5cr+, ensuring profitability and growth.

What Types of Debt Products Does Tap Capital Offer?

At Tap Capital, we tailor financial solutions to fit your business. Our offerings include Asset Leasing, Invoice Discounting, and Anchor Based Financing, all backed by a personalized credit line that aligns with your business financials.

How Do I Share Invoices and Manage Transactions with Tap Capital?

Our user-friendly dashboard simplifies your transactions (subject to its availability). In the interim, we efficiently utilize email communications to manage invoice sharing and other related processes.

Who Funds the Businesses Through Tap Capital?

Tap Capital operates with a diverse funding model. While we are not an NBFC and do not partner with any institutions, we facilitate funding through High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), Retail Investors, and family office funds, ensuring a robust and reliable financial backing for your business.

What are Tap Capital's Charges for Invoice Discounting and Asset Leasing?

Invoice Discounting: Experience competitive rates with only a 1.2-1.5% discount per month. Asset Leasing: We offer a dynamic 4-5% rent per month, coupled with an attractive 20-30% buyback option at the end of your tenure.

How Quickly Can We Activate a Deal with Tap Capital?

Speed is key at Tap Capital. We ensure your deal goes live within just 5-7 working days after we receive all necessary documentation.

What Documents are Required to Get Started with Tap Capital?

Getting started with Tap Capital is seamless. We only need a basic set of documents that include your company's cash balance, revenue, and essential KYC details for both the company and its directors.